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Gas or Electric Fireplace Installations?

With many different options, deciding on the right fireplace for your living room can be difficult. With wood, electric and gas fires on offer, choosing the best product for your home can feel daunting. BSJ Fireplaces offers everything from fireplace installations and new media walls to plumbing services, boiler servicing and new central heating installations for clients in the Cirencester area. The fires and wood burning stoves we provide at our fireplace centre are of exceptional quality, and we offer a full measuring and fitting service to ensure a seamless installation.

Please contact us today to speak with a team member about our wide range of options. Gas and electric fires are worthwhile alternatives to traditional log fires, but each has pros and cons. Here is a brief comparison of the two:


For households looking for a safe fireplace, an electric model is the best choice. With no actual flame, electric fireplaces do not burn fuel or release fumes.

This is a significant advantage if you have children at home because the risk of smoke inhalation or fire is eliminated. On the other hand, a faulty gas fireplace installation can potentially leak carbon monoxide.

The experts at our fireplace centre offer safety tips when installing wood burning stoves and other products in and around Cirencester. We also offer cost-effective plumbing services, boiler servicing and can fit new media walls.


We sell fireplaces as an aesthetically pleasing alternative to our new central heating services, but which option is more visually attractive? Gas fires resemble real, log-burning fireplaces because they produce flames, and false logs can be added to complete the illusion.

Electric fireplaces use various techniques, such as digital screens, mirrors and vapour, to mimic the appearance of fire. The realism depends on the price, but electric fireplaces are easier to integrate as a free-standing unit into existing and new media walls.

Heating Ability

For a truly roaring flame, gas fireplaces are the clear winner. Gas fires can give off significant heat and quickly warm up a room, making them perfect for a cold winter’s night. On the other hand, electric fireplace installations have a significantly lower heating capacity.

Unlike gas fireplaces, electric models cannot be relied upon to heat your whole house, and you will require current or new central heating services to keep your home warm. Although electric fireplaces are a limited alternative to wood-burning stoves in terms of heat, they are still a more practical option for many households.

With full heat engineering, boiler servicing and plumbing services, our Gas Safe engineers are active across the Cirencester area. Please visit our Swindon-based fireplace centre to talk to our professionals and view the options to enhance your home.


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