New Media Walls in Swindon, Cirencester
and the Surrounding Areas

At BJS Fireplaces, we care about customers achieving their ideal home set-up. Our new media walls are the perfect way to create an integrated home system that accommodates your TV and fireplace while optimising the usable space in your home. Our specialists are here to advise on the bespoke walls we can create to enhance properties in Cirencester, Hungerford and the surrounding areas. 

Our team are happy for you to contact us with any questions about our services. We recommend you visit our fireplace centre in Swindon to view examples of media walls, stoves and the fireplace installations we can manage.

New Media Walls

Embedded Vs Hanging

Before having a new media wall fitted, it’s important to decide if you want your TV embedded in the wall or hung from it. You will also want to consider the depth in which you want your fireplace embedded to ensure it functions optimally and is visually stunning.

Media Wall Creation

Our technicians construct a new false wall from a fire-proof plasterboard for new media walls. This allows us to accommodate a freestanding burner or fireplace, a TV, and even a sound system. We guarantee a seamless finish and are sure that you will be impressed by the final product. The team at our fireplace centre will discuss all aspects of our service with you to ensure we are creating your ideal layout and look.

Key Considerations When Having a Media Wall Fitted

There are a few key factors that should be considered when having a media wall fitted by our specialists. The main considerations include:


Media walls are typically the main focus rooms because they host the TV and fireplace.  Because of these features, most people want to fit their new wall in the main wall of their living rooms.  Before committing to a location, you should think about viewing angles, such as whether you can comfortably see the TV and access the warmth or aesthetics of your fireplace. Our team manages all aspects of construction and installation to deliver a bespoke set-up that guarantees comfort and enjoyment.

Plug Sockets

You will need to ensure that the place you selected for the wall has enough plug sockets and that they’re close enough to the wall. You’ll need a minimum of two sockets, one for the TV and one for the fire. 


If you’ve chosen to embed your fireplace and TV into the media wall, cavities or recesses will need to be built into the wooden stud frame to support them. 


The experts from our Swindon-based fireplace centre cover all installation and finishing elements of new media walls for clients in and around Cirencester. From electrical wiring and plumbing to plasterboarding, skimming and fitting, we always leave customers with a set-up to be proud of.


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