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How to Clean Wood Burning Stoves

So you have invested in a wood burning stove! A fine addition to any home, stoves add a rustic touch to your living room and keep you warm when the temperature starts to drop. However, you may start to notice ashes and soot building up after your first few fires. Not to worry! We have a brief introduction on cleaning your new stove. Here at BJS Fireplaces, we provide wood burning stoves, fireplace installations, new media walls, electric and gas fires, boiler servicing, plumbing services and new central heating installations for homes in the Swindon area.

A trusted fireplace centre, established in 1987, our products are high quality and we offer a bespoke installation service. To see images of our options, please visit our website gallery.

In order to keep your stove shiny and clean, you only need to abide by a few simple rules. Here are our tips on how to keep your wood burning stove clean:

Be Prepared

Remember that ash is a fine and powdery substance and can be a nuisance to get rid of. We recommend laying some newspaper on the floor or carpet when cleaning out your stove. A metal can or bucket is a suitable receptacle to store the ash before disposing of it.

Clean Your Flue

Your chimney can get clogged up with soot over time, so you will require a professional to clean your flue. Alongside our plumbing services, electric and gas fires, boiler servicing and new central heating services, we also fit new media walls and offer chimney cleaning in the Swindon area. An unavoidable chore that accompanies wood burning stoves and fireplace installations, repeated fires will inevitably cause a build-up in your chimney.

Handling Ash

By burning logs, you are guaranteed to be left with a pile of ash once the embers have burned out. The experts at our fireplace centre advise waiting at least twenty-four hours before handling ash, and even then caution should be taken to keep it away from flammable materials.

Scoop the ash into a metal bucket and dispose of it responsibly. Ash is actually a good compost material, so consider adding it to your compost bin or your household garden waste.

Glass Polishing

In order to see those attractive flames, you must keep your glass clean. This can be done with a shop-bought spray and a bit of elbow grease. Remember to lay down that newspaper again to avoid any nasty stains on your carpet.

The experts at our fireplace centre cover the wider Swindon area with a wide range of services, including boiler servicing, fitting new media walls, and new central heating. Visit our showroom to view our fireplace installations, wood burning stoves and gas fires in person.


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